Connect, hire, and retain diverse talents, and build a unique employer brand for the future.

Inclusive Culture = Better Products

Our core business is to advance the careers of talents from under-represented communities by making them visible to employers committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

If your company is just starting to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, we want to co-create this strategy with you.

If you have an established diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, let us partner with you to advance your efforts.

What we do

We cultivate relationships so that you can hire and retain the best talents.

Diverse Talent Pool

70% of our community members join us because we exclusively support and advance careers of talents from under-represented communities.

Untapped Talents

We work in partnership with organizations and communities (diaspora, women, people with disabilities, and seniors) involved in diversity and inclusion to reach these untapped but skilled talents.

High Response Rate

Our candidates are more likely to respond to our partner companies regarding their open opportunities due to our strong positioning, consistent engagement, and authentic approach.