Program Manager

April 8, 2024
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Job Description

As a Program Manager, you’ll be an essential part of innovating and transforming our processes. You’ll be taking the lead on the design and launch of new programs for our customers. You’ll also oversee programs already running and find ways to improve them. This is your opportunity to have a big impact on some of the most exciting new ideas that are shaping the future.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create innovative solutions using data and research to address wider challenges in your organization.
  • Take a big-picture approach in your analysis of business operations, driving improvements across a range of teams and organizations.
  • Work alongside senior leadership to establish and prioritize improvement programs, seeing them through from start to finish.
  • Enhance operational performance on every program in partnership with your stakeholders.

A day in the life

  • Every day is different as a Program Manager.
  • You’ll work both independently and collaboratively on projects, which may be at different stages of the project lifecycle, from development to delivery.
  • You might spend your morning gathering data and feedback to assess a program pilot, then spend your afternoon discussing a resourcing plan for another project.
  • You will collaborate with other teams, track project progress, and share updates with key stakeholders.

We are a data-driven business, so no matter which project you are implementing, part of your role will involve gathering insights to make decisions. You’ll trial different ideas, analyze data to identify potential challenges, and present your findings to senior teams.

About the team

As part of the team, you’ll be welcomed into a diverse team that plays a central role in our success. Using air, sea and road transport, as well as sortation centres equipped with the latest technology, you’ll help the company’s transport run at maximum efficiency. Our team captures data and uses it to drive decisions.
We put safety first as our people are our priority. And we use the expertise of our people to get packages to their destination – quickly, conveniently and sustainably.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A degree
  • Relevant experience leading cross-functional programmes or projects using project-management methodologies.
  • Relevant experience in using data or anecdotal evidence to influence business decisions.
  • Relevant experience leading complex projects with a wide range of stakeholders, including your peers and leadership.
  • Experience working with the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook) and/or SQL in a professional environment.
Preferred Qualifications

Preferred qualifications are not required to apply. If you have all the basic qualifications above, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Advanced or master’s degree
  • Project-management qualification such as PRINCE2, APM, PMI, or similar.
  • Understanding of continuous improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma or Lean.
  • Experience working in an operational environment or with technical teams.