About Candidate

35 years old French-Lebanese physician & entrepreneur, ex-surgeon, scientist, researcher in Artificial Intelligence & digital health expert, graduated from the Faculties of Medicine of Marseille & Reims, & the Universities of Aix-Marseille, URCA & Paris-Saclay.

Born in an underprivileged neighborhood in Lebanon, from poor parents, I suffered during my childhood from the difficulty of access to healthcare, so I made it my fight. In 2004 I left my family to go to France at the age of 17 with no money & speaking only Arabic. Homeless, I slept for the first months in the corridors of the Faculty of Medicine. In 2016, I was naturalized on merit by the President of the Republic & then medaled with Palm of the Universal League of Public Good, member of the UN, with decoration of the Republican Guard in 2019. I’m now trilingual: English, French, Arabic.

Pioneer of e-health, I was VP of the National Council of Young Surgeons & then founded the National Council of e-Health, I was also member of the Board of e-Health World in Monaco. I created the first digital, private, interactive, intelligent & international Medical Profile. I have proposed an adaptation of the two-sided market economic model described by the Nobel Prize in Economics, Prof. Jean Tirole, to e-health. Multi-awarded with 13 official distinctions, my work has been recognized at the National Academy of Surgery & presented at conferences around the world where I introduced & developed a new AI model for structuring real-life health data to move medicine towards the 5Ps by involving patients. I invented the first Virtual Printer that easily connects medical information exchanges between healthcare professionals & patients in a universal & secure way.

I have produced or participated in more than 20 publications. In 2017, I was in charge of writing the program on the Future of the Healthcare System for one of the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic where I highlight a sclerotic bureaucracy. I’m one of the first doctors to talk about & work for Value-Based Healthcare & PROMS/PREMS. I’m the author of 2 books about predicting cancer & medical collaboration with AI. I advocate a paradigm shift for a broader, collaborative & prospective Evidence-Based Medicine, with smart technological support for medical decisions in network mode, coupled with social & ethical values. I am selected in the prestigious Choiseul Institute ranking among the most promising young talents & business leaders, describing me as a pure product of the meritocracy.



Doctorate in Medicine (MD.) 2019
Reims University - URCA
Master of Business Administration 2018
HEC Paris

Work & Experience

Founder, Chairman & CEO 2016 - 2022
ReLyfe Group SAS (ex InnovHealth) - MedTech Startup
Multi-Centric Clinical Project Leader & Trial Design 2014 - 2016
CNRS - French National Center for Scientific Research